About Us


– The company was established since 1962 and the company is one of the largest and oldest transport companies operating in the field of land transport within

And outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

– The company changed to a dependency of the Holding Company for Land Transport to work under the umbrella of the provisions of the law 203 of 1991 public enterprise sector law.

– In the framework of the implementation of the government’s program to expand the ownership base has turned the company’s work under the umbrella of the provisions of Law No. 159 / 1981 and its implementing regulations as a joint venture in Egypt.

company’s licensed capital by the amount of 100000000 pounds.

– The issued capital and paid-28907185 pounds. The company handles the transport of goods on roads within the Arab Republic of Egypt, customs clearance, loading and unloading and the rescue and repair of heavy transport vehicles.

 – The company has a crew of employees trained to the highest level of Efficient administrative and technical and the company to follow security procedures

and health and safety and preservation of the environment in accordance with international standards.

– The company owns a diversified fleet of lorries in new models, 204-strong unit of the latest brands (Renault / Mac / development designed / Duff / Bai Bin / Nasr) equipped to transport all loads of 30 to 40 tons and have the trucks from all brands (Boklan / Fawn) load of 15 to 40 tons and have the specialized units in the safe transport of containers.

– The company seeks to provide all new and distinctive in all transport services of all kinds and provide logistics solutions to meet any obstacles during transportation

– The company carried the parcels abnormal and heavy equipment of all sizes and types